Sight Singing 2017 - 4 Week Course

New dates for our popular Sight Singing Course to be added soon!

Sight Singing Course meets 4 consecutive weeks:

 - Week 1: Reviewing theory basics (rhythm, note naming, time signatures, key signatures, symbols, terms, etc.)

 - Week 2: Working with sixteenth notes, triplets, dotted note rhythms, syncopation, articulation, repeats, etc.

 - Week 3: Sight Singing on Solfege, complex intervals, intro to ear training (how to understand what you hear, transcribe it to paper and recognize musical elements.)

 - Week 4: “The Callback” - sheet music from a song gets sent the night before class for at-home/solo preparation; understanding how to break down a piece of music and prepare it on your own.

Here's what some of our previous SS graduates have to say:

 "If you have heart palpitations whenever you are asked to sight sing TAKE THIS CLASS! Best money ever spent " - Lauren Lukacek.

"The class was invaluable, I am now able to grasp and understand how to read music" - Glen Llanes.

"Gave me a solid, accessible foundation which I could apply to my auditions instead of panicking when I get new music" - Josephine Roberts.

"A crash course on reading sheet music, straight forward, easy to follow along, love the class" - Jake Winn.

"Gave us a ton of handouts that are great to review between classes and even work on when the course finished" - Alden Gagnon

"Gave me a lot of tools that I can use to continue to work to becoming a better sight singer" - Lacey Tucker.

Not having this skill should NEVER EVER be a reason to lose a job, however it definitely can be and we want to make sure you are equipped with all the skills you need to book that next part and grow as a well rounded musician, technician and performer! 

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